iVigee is passionate about building and operating advanced, simple and beautiful pharmacovigilance systems. We are a group of trustworthy approachable professionals enabling innovation and sustainable solutions.

iVigee is a fearless team of pharmacovigilance architects, who combine people and technology to be two steps ahead, always. We offer to work with a growing international team of pharmacovigilance experts. We are open for you to bring new ideas, new thinking, and a desire to continue learning and implementing your knowledge.

Our services focus on:

  • PV Consultancy: Review of existing pharmacovigilance processes can make way for positive changes with dramatic increases in efficiency.

  •  iViReg: Knowledge Management Center for Global and Local Pharmacovigilance Regulatory Intelligence.

  • PV IT Solutions: We bring technology and data management expertise into drug safety. We drive new implementations, integrations and optimizations of the pharmacovigilance technology landscape.

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